10 Tips for skin that’ll win you a beauty pageant

from DreamCatcher also known as Dream Catcher

Your skin is your baby, isn’t it? You need to take care of it as such because much like an actual baby, your skin is sensitive, absolutely cute and needs nourishment. The level of this nourishment needs to go up especially when you are looking to enter a beauty pageant, so here are a few tips on how to maintain beautiful skin during this crucial time.

  1. Drink plenty of water – Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining that complexion. Its an age-old advice by beautiful women across the ages and you need to have this on the top of your list. Don’t wait to get thirsty, make sure to consume enough water throughout your day.
  2. Add an anti-oxidant serum – That sounds complicated doesn’t it, don’t worry its extremely easy to get it, go to the pharmacy ad ask for ferulic acid. This little magic potion will do wonders for your skin and is suitable for most types of skin. It prevents ageing and fights against the harmful rays of the sun. It works best when used with a traditional sun-screen.
  3. Sleep on a clean pillowcase – Your skin can pick up bacteria and dirt from all sorts of places and the place it spends the most amount of time in one pose is your pillowcase. Make sure the pillowcase is clean else your skin will suffer the side effects.
  4. Don’t pick on your skin – Your skin is gentle, so let’s not pull on that pimple. Sure, it’s super tempting, but you absolutely cannot do it. Doing this repeatedly i extremely harmful to the overall health of your skin. If you notice a pimple or any other kind of problem on your face, simply place an ice-cube on it for 20-minute intervals, this will ease the blood flow in the region bringing down the swelling. Then apply a spot of salicylic acid (which you can get at the Pharmacy) and you then add some concealer or makeup at the top. This should fix the problem right away.
  5. Get that blood flowing – The best way to get your skin to glow is to get your blood to flow. Once that blood starts flowing, your skin and its blood vessels will oxygenate the tissues surrounding your face. All of this will ensure healthier skin with a stronger glow.
  6. Avoid oil and other junk food – These are a villain to your skin. do not entertain them. The oil from these food items will rapidly destroy the health of your skin. The problem isn’t just the oil but the quality of oil used. So, at all costs, avoid the oily types of food.
  7. Exfoliate – You can find chemical peels like glycolic acid or AHA at the pharmacy. These peels will remove the dead skin cells giving your skin a glow that you just won’t get using traditional methods. Exfoliate two or three days a week for maximum result.
  8. Clean your phone – Your phone much like your pillowcase is always in close contact with your face. Most phones are a breeding ground for germs and dirt. Clean your phone using a gentle tissue at least 4 times a day to ensure that your phone isn’t ruining your skin.
  9. Sleep like a baby – Remember to sleep like a baby every day, routinely, set a time of day that you would prefer to sleep. Don’t make any changes to your schedule. Make sure that by bedtime, you switch off all your devices, dim the lights and close your eyes. Routine sleep is extremely important for the health of your skin.
  10. Don’t stress out – Lastly, do not stress out on the health of your skin. Stress itself is a huge reason for poor looking skin. It causes wrinkles and takes away the freshness of your skin. Make sure that you aren’t stressing out too much,

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